Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Going Big With Canvas Prints

Enlarging Your Canvas Prints

It really is impressive to see super big canvas prints hanging in your home with some of your most cherished photographs enlarged. Old images can prove to be a brilliantl object for canvas prints providing they are well looked after. Canvas prints enhance the visual aesthetics of these images and gives them a stunning appearance.

A History Of Canvas Prints

It is an art developing photographs and printing them on canvas. In the early nineties the process of making canvas prints has evolved into a very creative art. The use of ink jet printers lends an indisputable quality to the images and lends them the glamour of a old classic painting!

Canvas prints make the most out of using the latest digital technology. The well designed nozzles in the printers distribute a all of the CMYK colour spectrum and produces wonderful results. The word giclee was initially developed to describe this infallible technique of spraying of colours which separated the process from all other enlargement printing techniques.

Canvas Prints Have Accurate Prints Reproduction

Canvas prints are reproduced extremely accurately through the use of this process and there is nothing else like it. New and improved canvas materials also help to make canvas prints a high quality print reproduction.

This beautiful detail makes canvas prints perfectly suitable for rekindling your favorite images. Your cherished moments like your wedding or your holiday spent with with your loving family could be given a life size enlargement of these memories. What better way to appreciate them than through canvas prints.

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